The message is the same if not more poignant than when I penned this in March of 2011.  I’ve since change the name of this blog to BUILD YOUR OWN ECONOMY because I wanted to be clear that I was not referring to the macro economy but to the micro economy of one’s own family and community which in time will help build the national economy.


   It’s Spring and the perfect time to start planting and          also seriously think about BUILDING YOUR                    ECONOMY.  By now;  everyone should know that
   you can’t sit back and leave your economic future  in      the  hands of someone or with some entity.  For the         most  part your family, the company you work
  with, your  community you live in and every country
  in the  world  is having similar problems.
You will do yourself, your family, your community and your world a Big favor by BUILDING YOUR ECONOMY.
I’m not talking about one or two things to cut costs or make more money.  I’m talking about a new philosophy that basically encompasses a new ways of looking at your entire world.  It means everything from having a positive attitude to drinking more water instead of sodas.
It means everything from having multiple streams of income to decluttering one’s home and work space.  It means everything from “kidnapping yourself” and going to a movie or museum at 2pm during the work week to saying “no” to extraneous requests from others including your boss, family and friends.
The economy that we grew up with was grand in it’s day;  however, it’s time to reflect seriously on how do we move forward and BUILD YOUR ECONOMY.